Banning junk food from school

On behalf of parents at Alnoor International School I am writing an objection letter for banning junk food from school .

As we all know food is a vital growth and health factor for the growing child. It must be nutritious and healthy, unfortunately Alnoor International School is not considering nor monitoring what is being sold at their school canteen.

We were advised by the school that sweets, allergic food and unhealthy snacks are not permitted, but how possible to control if the school is promoting unhealthy behaviour by selling allergic, unhealthy and cost twice the price.

If need be,we would suggest that the school can coporate with operators who provide healthy and nutritious meals and we would like to work together with the school to end up this habit and we will support and encourage lunch boxes checking by the teacher to take what is not permitted from the students to be given back to them at dismiss time.

The eating habits of students are influenced by the food available in the school environment. Consuming nutritious food and adopting a healthy lifestyle will enable students to grow and develop to their optimum potential, leading to improved educational performance.

NOOF MOHAMED ALBENALI    اتصل بكاتب الالتماس

وقع على هذه العريضة

بتسجيل الدخول، فأنا بذلك أسمح لـ NOOF MOHAMED ALBENALI بتقديم توقيعي لمن لديهم صلاحية في هذه القضية.


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إعلان مدفوع الثمن

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