Petition to Cancel the Licenses for the Hot Blend Asphalt Plant in Birzeit - عريضة لإلغاء تراخيص مصنع هوت بلند للزفتة في منطقة بيرزيت

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Petition to Cancel the Licenses for the Hot Blend Plant in Birzeit
This is a public (in Palestine and abroad), civil society led, including the affected people of Birzeit and the Surrounding area, in organizing a petition against the Hot Blend Asphalt (Bitumen) Factory Plant project by all standards, in all official and legal ways, media and gathering opposition signatures against the licenses of Hot Bland factory in Birzeit.
Those who doubt the damages of the Hot Blend Asphalt (Bitumen) factory on health and environment, this petition references page 19 (In arabic below) of the environmental impact study, in which the owner of the plant has unambiguously explained the health and environmental effects. It states that due to dust and gas emissions, this plant can cause skin and eye irritations, pulmonary and cough, asthma, allergies and poor visibility as well as cause temperature rise in the area. Despite detailing all these risks, necessary approvals have been made by the various Palestinian government authorities and the municipality of Birzeit.
We also note that in several global studies, the most serious health risks are cancer-related health problems, with emissions being carcinogenic.  
We the undersigned, therefore, call on the Birzeit Municipal Council and all relevant Palestinian government authorities to:
  1. For Birzeit Municipality to cancel its license approval for Hot Blend Asphalt (Bitumen) Factory Plant in Birzeit  
  2. All relevant Palestinian government authorities that have granted license approvals to Hot Blend Asphalt (Bitumen) to be revoked by them especially the Environmental Quality Authority  
  3. To re-study the process of urban planning in that specific area of Birzeit and take into consideration the Birzeiti residential surrounding, its green landscape, and the urban planning of neighboring villages and towns and upgrade the urban area to craft, artisan and green businesses rather than industries that are pollutant due to dust and debris, carcinogenic emissions and have a negative impact on climate change.
We confirm that the goal of our petition is to remove the Hot Blend Asphalt (Bitumen) factory plant away from residential and green areas due to its environment and public health risks such as asthma and cancer as stated earlier. By siging the petition, you are saving current and future generations
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