Campaign of Freedom of Journalist Abdel-Elah Haidar


Campaign of Freedom of Journalist Abdel-Elah Haidar

Campaign statement

Save Haider

To international, regional and local human rights organizations

To defenders of opinion and expression freedom

To activists and human rights defenders

To the Liberals in the world.

To holders of the banner of justice and freedom

All conscience

Here in Yemen a journalist detained since two years approximately. The journalist Abdel-Elah Haider specialized of Islamic groups and terrorism affairs was detained during by  a security force followed the National Security Agency .

On Eid al-Fitr he has been transferred to the Political Security Prison, "intelligence" and in the morning of 19.09.2010, a hearing session began  with the journalist, Haidar, in the presence of Secretary General of the Yemen Journalists Syndicate (YJS) Marwan Dammaj and lawyers for Foundation Alaw (Abdul Rahman Berman and Khalid al-Maori). During the session Haider revealed  which he was attacked by butts of guns  led to serious injury in his chest and wounds scattered on his body and lost one of his teeth.

He  also revealed  later that he was imprisoned in a toilet full of dirt for five days in the national security. In a court is unconstitutional was established by presidential decree in violation of the Constitution, and a trial devoid of the slightest elements of justice and absent evidence was tried in the SCC, "state security" with  charge of association with a terrorist group "Al Qaeda". He was sentenced to imprisonment for five years and prevented him from leaving Sana'a and placed on probation for two years.

A presidential decision has been issued pardon and release him , but the blatant enter of the U.S. administration  in the case prevented releasing the  journalist Abdul Elah Haidar, after the U.S. President "Barack Obama" expressed his concern about the decision to release the journalist.

Abdel-Elah Haidar decided to strike for food and drink, if not released within 48 hours, he would begin a hunger strike on Tuesday 14 - 2-2012 . We warn that this resolution would constitutes a danger to his life.

As we launch this campaign to demand freedom for Haider, we confirm that the arrest came at a time which the U.S. administration was carrying out with cooperation of the Yemeni authorities  some attacks in some provinces of the republic against the so-called "Al Qaeda".

The analysis of  Abdul Elah Haidar were refute many of the lies that was promoted by media and embarrass the governments of Yemen and the U.S.. Where most of the victims of these attacks are women and innocent children who have nothing to do with al Qaeda, and the detention order to silence him after his detection of many of those crimes.

As well as we keep the world in front of his health in the prison, and in violation of the law prevent visiting him but only  his relatives.  As he suffering from severe anemia. The Red Cross had called to move him to the hospital but the prison administration insisted to transferred him to the hospital while he was restrained with chains, the thing which refused by Haider  regarded as a journalist, not a criminal to be recorded.

The ( Campaign of Freedom to Abdul Elah Haidar) , which launched by the Committee escalation of Yemen Journalist Syndicate (YJS) , outlines to the international and domestic public opinion, the gross violations suffered by, beginning of the "raid of the security to his home and assaulted him and took him to an unknown location for a month. And the trial in an  unconstitutional court. And the judgment against him and prevent his colleagues and friends to visit him and prevent him from going to the doctor.  The campaign calls on all local, regional and international human rights organizations, and political parties to do their duty towards this  journalist who forgotten in the midst of prison , and invite them, activists and those interested to sign this statement of the claim by releasing him.

Let us move :

For Abdul-Elah Haider

For the victory of our rights

For achieving  justice

By signing, you defend the right guaranteed by the Constitution


Statement of Freedom to Abdul- Elah Haider Campaign



Abdlbaari taher

Mohammed Ghubari

Samia al- Aghbari

Thuraya Dammaj

Mansour al- Garadi

Ashraf al- Rify

Fatima al- Aghbari

Waheeb al- Nosari

Abdul- Rahman Barman

Rshad Ali AL-sharaabi

Mneer alsaqaf

Marwan Dammaj

Esam Alharthi

mneer ALmammari

muaad ALnodari

hemiar ALmoqbeli

Abdul;areem thuail

suhail alkhrbash

khaled ALnahari


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